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"Got Me A Beard" Music Video

Quench Studio's Chris Edser heads a talented team of animators to create this little gem for The Beards. Written and directed by Tom Bettany, Michael Bidstrup, Joshua Fielder, Joel McMillan and Chris Edser. "Got Me a Beard" taken from The Beards third album "HAVING A BEARD IS THE NEW NOT HAVING A BEARD" is available on itunes here if you'd like to purchase a copy.

All music copyright The Beards 2012 |
Written and directed by Tom Bettany, Michael Bidstrup, Joshua Fielder, Joel McMillan and Chris Edser

Chris Edser |
Bill Northcott |
Jarrod Prince |

Additional animation & colouring
Lisa Vertudaches |
Harry Plane |

Bri Hammond
Lisa Kurtze

"88 Seconds" Quench Studios Timelapse Promo

Quench Studios' Nick Graalman shows off the myriad of styles and approaches he has to timelapse in this short promo titled "88 Seconds".

Film, edit and sound design by Nick Graalman
Music by Villepigue - Nowhere 2 Run

Red Cross TVC

A 30 second animated TVC created for the Red Cross. Quench Studios' Chris Edser created the animation as well as assisted Cherise Conrick from TypeSpace with concept development and direction.

Coopers Beer TVCs

These 6 x 15 second stop-motion television commercials were produced for Kwp! Advertising to air on the 'Rockwiz' slot on SBS Australia. They were produced in partnership with The Pra in October 2008.

Each spot features a music-related question posed by the actions of Coopers bottles.

Mrs Pegg's Handyline Promo Video

A short promotional video for Mrs Pegg's Handyline Deluxe. Shot and Edited by Quench Studios' Nick Graalman.

Carman's Muesli Bites TVC

A fifteen second television commercial for Carman's Muesli Bites. Quench was hired by Black Squid Design for the production of this TVC. This included illustration, animation, sourcing voice artists and mixing final master.

Bone Health Foundation Promotional Video

Quench Studios worked in conjuction with Black Squid Design to create the animation for this Bone Health Foundation Promotional video. Visit for more information on this organisation.

"Miss My Maniac" Music Video

Quench Studios created this stop-frame animated music video clip for Melbourne band, Gus and Frank. Quench was given creative freedom for this project. After the guys pitched their idea to the band, they were given the go ahead and the animation was completed within the tight, one month deadline.

"My Next Life" Music Video

"My Next Life" is an animated music video clip for Melbourne band, Gus and Frank. Quench studios made "My Next Life" to work as a sequel to "Miss My Maniac" but also as a stand alone film. In other words, you don't have to see "Miss My Maniac" to understand it. The same style is used in both film clips, but each creates a different mood to suit the song.

Adelaide 36ers TVC

Quench Studios created this television commercial for the Adelaide 36ers basketball team.

Nick's "Postcards" segment

The South Australia show "Postcards" interviewed Nick Graalman about his unique approach to timelapse.

"Past Present" Short FIlm

Past Present explores the world around us and it's changing landscape.through timelapse photography.

Timelapses, edit and sound design By Nick Graalman

"Elements" Short FIlm

This experimental short film explores the four elements through the artistic talents of henna artist, Humna Mustafa. She draws inspiration from the very element that reveals the ephemeral nature of her craft.

This piece was a collaboration between Quench Studios' Nick Graalman and Humna Mustafa for the 2010 Sala Festival in Adelaide. For more information on Humna and her wonderful artwork, please visit

Film, edit and sound design By Nick Graalman