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A sustainable approach to the work that we do is extremely important to Quench Studios. We are passionate about protecting the environment and we believe fully in contributing to a more sustainable world. Nick recently completed the film Gaia which very deliberately plays with sustainable concepts. There are virtually no sustainable options when it comes to purchasing video production gear (obviously critical for our business), but we buy local or buy second hand where possible. We also have implemented the following:

  • We set up home offices to minimize driving (and overheads).
  • When we do have to drive, we drive small cars. You can fit a surprisingly large amount of video gear in small cars, especially when you have roof racks.
  • Quench Studios main office (Nick Graalman's) has a 100% recycled wood desk and ceiling installed (see below).
  • Solar panels have been installed.
  • Eco switches have been installed so power turns off at the power point when the edit suite is not in use.
  • A miniature solar station has been setup for charging batteries and running long term timelapse projects without any mains power required.
  • Small USB speakers (low voltage) are used when large speakers are not necessary.
  • The long term timelapse studio is made out of recycled pallet wood.
  • The storage area has recycled wood shelving.
  • We print on recycled paper and use recycled envelopes and business cards.

The main office at Quench Studios is a eco office of sorts. In the ceiling, recycled styrofoam was used as insulation. Recycled pallet wood was used to construct the ceiling and the custom desk.

In a deliberate attempt to avoid using traditional toxic wood stain and varnish, household items like turmeric, vinegar and red wine were used to stain the wood. A simple recipe of olive oil and beeswax was used to as a 'varnish' and to bring out the tones in the wood.

Finally the equipment was brought in to complete the renovation. The project was a great success and was created at a fraction of the cost. Price was not the incentive however, reducing land fill is.

Constructing things from pallet wood appears to be on the increase and we think this is a great thing. If our office helps encourage that in some small way, that makes us, and the planet, very happy indeed.