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88 Seconds. Nick's latest timelapse promo.

Nick is a versatile cinematographer and DOP who specialises in timelapse.

In 1995 Nick began making and shooting short films in high school. He continue his interest in film making in 1999 studing Media Arts Production Skills (MAPS Cert 4 certificate). In 2000, Nick entered the world of freelance cameraman/DOP. In 2004, he collaborated with Tom Bettany & Chris Edser to create the video production business Quench Studios. Throughout the years, Nick has taken an increasing interest in shooting specialised timelapse photography/sequences using digital SLR cameras. Having a strong background in both video and still photography, Nick was one of the first cameramen to embrace the Canon 5D MkII in early 2009, shooting "Girt By Beards", one of the first (if not the first) documentary captured on a 5D MkII.

Nick's passion for film making and cinematography is still as strong as ever. His latest project is a colboration with dancer Erin Fowler on the short film GAIA. More info about the film can be seen on the GAIA website or the trailer below.

In addition to being hired as a cameraman/DOP, Nick is hired as a grip, offering unique motion control timelapse, crane/jib, dolly and steadicam camerawork around Adelaide and interstate.


Nick was honored to feature on local TV show "Postcards" in 2009. A great behind the scenes look at his custom made rig for motion control timelapse.

Nick's appearance on Channel 9's Postcards, 2009.


Past Present is a experimental film shot entirely in timelapse depicting themes of change, evolution and growth of urbanisation.

Past Present - By Nick Graalman


Nick worked with dancer/choreographer Erin Fowler to produce Gaia, a short film that portrays Mother Earth and her struggle for balance in an increasingly degraded and urbanised planet. Through the nonverbal language of dance, GAIA tells a universal and compelling story that is accessible and relevant across the globe. For more info, visit the website here. The offical premiere screening of GAIA will be at the Market Shed On Holland in Adelaide. 6:30pm, May 3rd, 2014. Tickets available through the Pozible campaign here.

Gaia Trailer


Glidecam or steadicam rigs stablize cameras to produce silky smooth motion video. Nick shows of the capabilities of the Glidecam HD 2000 in this short reel.

Nick Graalman's Glidecam Showreel


An exploration of the four elements through the artistic talents of henna artist, Humna Mustafa. She draws inspiration from the very element that reveals the ephemeral nature of her craft.

This piece was a collaboration between Nick Graalman and Humna Mustafa. For more information on Humna and her wonderful artwork, please visit

Elements. By Nick Graalman & Humna Mustafa



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Appearance on Postcards
Past Present
Gaia Trailer Gaia Trailer
Glidecam Showreel Glidecam Showreel
Elements Elements


Gaia Screening, Saturday May 3rd, 2014 at 6:30pm at the Market Shed on Holland, Adelaide. Book tickets here. Nick worked with dancer/choreographer Erin Fowler on Gaia, a short film funded by Ausdance. Check out the trailer here!

Nick Graalman & artist Humna Mustafa have released the short piece 'Elements' as a free download. Check it out here.

Recently, Nick had a DSLR converted to infrared and has been experimenting with this unique style of photography in timelapse. A sample can be seen in his promotional video "88 Seconds".

Nick has also been experimenting with 3D timelapse. You can see his first test shot here (requires red/blue anaglyph glasses to see properly). The shot required a dual-cam setup built upon Nick's custom motion control rig.



Shooting on Mt Montserrat, Spain

Setting up Motion Control Tracking

Setting up a long term timelapse (one year) in a waterproof housing.



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